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Thread: 6g72 dodge shadow engine (HELP PLEASE)

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    Default 6g72 dodge shadow engine (HELP PLEASE)

    I have a 92 dodge shadow with a 6g72 (3.0) engine in it and i dont want just anyone to reply to this i want someone that really knows what they are talking about. I am having a hard time finding performance parts for this engine. i am told that its the same engine thats in the 3000gt or stealth. The engine is already hitting 14.9 with zero modifications done to it so you know why i would like to mod the engine. I got a small list of mods like bigger throttle body 10.0.1 compression pistons. I want stuff like bigger injectors,bigger fuel pump,and headers stuff like that so help me out man.

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    6G72 is the same engine block from the old 2.5L SOCH in the Chrysler LeBaron to the 3.0 twin turbo DOHC in the 3000 VR-4.
    Some related motors

    Montero Sport LS (3.0 SOHC 6G72)
    Montero Sport XLS (3.5 6G74)
    Montero Sport Limited up to '92 (3.5 6G74)
    3rd Gen Eclipse (3.0 SOHC 6G72)
    '00 Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebring (3.0L SOHC 6G72)
    Galant ES (3.0 SOHC 6G72)
    Older Diamantes (91-96) 3.0 DOHC non-turbo
    Full size Montero and new Endeavor use 3.8L 6G75
    Dodge Caravans and Chrysler T&C with the 3.0 Mitsubishi motor (6G7?)
    Even the Hyundei Tiburon uses the 3.0L 6G72 with a twist.

    6A13 2.5L V-6 (SOHC or DOHC) with or without turbos
    6A12 2.0L V-6 (DOHC MIVEC or non-MIVEC)

    You can probably use the upgrade parts for some of these to do some cross souping up.
    If it ain't broke, it's not a DSM.

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    there is a performance shop in california that makes cams, pullies, exaust systmes and other stuff. they have a web site but i forgot the address. the place is called forward motion, so if you search for that you might find it.

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