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Thread: Clutchless 4 Speed is still alive!

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    Default Clutchless 4 Speed is still alive!

    Hello everyone! My Name is Matt Smith some of yall may know me and some may not. I have a 03 evo that was silver and is now painted pearl white. I have been customer of Buschur Racing since late 03 and I was one of the very first evo builds they ever did. I have become great friends with David and everyone up at the shop.

    I recently purchased the Clutchless 4 Speed (C4S) from David Buschur.

    I haven't been on here very much but I am going to do better and keep people up to date about what is going on with the project. We have been doing some testing here and there and having success keeping the trans together. I teamed up with a friend of mine, Kasey Harris with Kasey tuned and put it in his car. Mine recently torched the head at the half mile event in GA and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. We went to a couple of 1/8 mile events to work on getting the car up on the Stall/convertor. The first event we could not get the car to come up on the convertor. I know David had success getting the Bish up on the stall, with the smaller HTA86 and his 2.3 RPM motor. Kasey's car is a 2.0 long rod motor and a big turbo on stock ECU and it doesn't want to get up on the stall easily. made a couple roll out passes, best was a 9.9 @ 96 mph 3.2 60' and had a bad flare shifting from 2nd to 3rd couldn't figure out why. We made some roll passes on the road and there was no flare from 2nd to 3rd, I didn't understand that unless it had something to do with coming through all the gears. So we had to put a nitrous kit on it, which we both did not want to do. I had a old kit laying around from one of my duramax trucks. We put it on the car and worked on some launches in the parking lot. We felt like we were close so went to the track to work on the 60' and see what the car would do in the 1/8 first. First pass out the car bogged a little and went 7.0 @ 99.97 with a 1.79 60' and we still had a major flare shifting from 2nd-3rd gear. The next pass we had an issue with the nitrous or the plugs were starting to foul out. so we let the car cool down checked some things and made another pass. The car came up to about 4000 rpm on the stall, both of us were in the car, the car bogged just enough to hurt the 60' but went a 6.88 @ 105 1.75 60' the flare was still there. I was pleased with the car so far, so we came back in put a bigger (100hp) tried to figure out why the trans was having a flaring issue. Went back up there did a small test to see if the car got up on the stall faster, it hit 4500 with ease. We were stoked and ready to make an awesome pass. get up to the light waited for the trees to come down smacked the throttle hit the nitrous, car comes up on the stall and the car falls flat on its face before we could even move. Fouled out the plugs, at this point lanes were closed and we couldn't make another pass for the rest of the day. We collected some great data that day and proceeded to move forward with getting a new convertor restalled and changing some small things in the tuning. I Give David a call and we talk about the flare from 2nd to 3rd and he remembers having to change some things in the Forced Four shift box. so I talk with Shawn at Forced Four, he pulled his notes out and took me through some things to change. So at this point we think we have the flare fixed. We change the plugs in the car, everything seems to be working great. We load up and head to rockingham 1/4 mile to do some real testing. First pass off the trailer with 2 people in the car, we went 9.65@140.5 1.512 60'.. the flare was gone the car felt great, it spun just a little bit but we couldn't be happier!!!!!! At this point, we realized we only need one person in the car to really see what it will do. I go up there get the car on the stall car spins a little more this time, went 9.72@151.3 1.55 60'.. picked up a lot of mph that pass but lost et from spinning. Get back to the trailer, realized the water pump is leaking out the weep hole and know our day is done. know we have some great data and more passes on the trans. We have made a total of 9 full passes on the trans and its still together holding strong.
    I am in the process of getting some other parts made so we can test a few more times before I release the trans for sale. I am hoping to have some kits available by sometime before march of 2016. the kits will come in a couple different ways from a full bolt in kit with intercooler, piping, nitrous if needed, shifter, everything you need to convert over from a five speed to the C4S, or just the trans and shifter for those that want to make there own intercooler setup and piping etc... This Kit is currently in a car with a ETS stock located turbo kit full size radiator. its a tight fit but works well and still able to maintain all other stock items in the car. You can contact me on here or through facebook I will be making a FB page soon providing more information about everything and with a web site. More updates as we do more testing.

    03 Evo VIII Full Buschur Racing Build
    Everything Buschur Racing
    2.1 BR motor
    Trans unknown for now
    Bushwacker Transfer Case
    9.6@145 mph

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    Thanks. i will visit ur website!
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