Hello wanted to say thanks for adding me here. I was kinda recommended to check this site out for info. Recently blew my stock engine in my evo. Building a 2.4 now hopefully can have it back running in a few weeks time. I do have a couple questions if I may. I know matching parts together is one of the most important things to do when building your engine. But the timing of my engine blowing up is setting me back at the wrong time so some parts I have to wait to get. I am having the block and head built by a reputable shop in the states with only parts they use. I'm also going to use there cams and the only cam gears I could find on there site. The other parts are the ones I want to ask about. I have a curt brown ported stock intake mani with a welded 70mm tb flange with a s90 70mm tb going on. I'm also using a jdl long tube exaught mani with the new ss fp red jb turbo. Stm 3"dp bolted to 3" tanabe medaline concept exaughst. For fuel I'll be running walbro 450 for pump fuel (no e85 available) stm hard wire kit an fuel return kit. I'll also be drilling the return in the tank to 3mm to help with a clean flow. I'm also running fic1050 low z injectors. My fmic is 3.5 adp with ets 2.5 long route piping. My goal is only to make 550/600whp and 480/525wtq. Will this set up get me to my goal ? If not what should I change ? Thanks in advance.