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Thread: Stripping Evo 4 Question.

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    Default Stripping Evo 4 Question.

    Hey guys. First post.

    I have an Evo 4 that I am stripping to build into a rally car. I just wanted to find out from people who might have built an E4 if it needs its own gauges and airbags installed. Obviously I don't need nor want the air bags and I wouldn't need the speedo and rev counter. So I would like to just take out the entire dash and build a custom one.

    But. Will the car still run with all these removed. On the standard ECU. If not is there a way around it. I do plan on fitting aftermarket management. But haven't settled on what just yet. But would like to get on with the rest of the build. On a side question. Can an aftermarket system run the car without its origins dash in place.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I have the same question. None can help me.
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