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Thread: strange MAF Htz

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    Default strange MAF Htz

    anyone got a reason for the MAf Htz to raise below 1200 rpm with HKS 280 cams?
    say 1500 rpm its about 50-60 htz range, as i try to let it idle down i notice the turbo actually starts to pick up speed then the Htz shoots up past 150-200 and it dumps fuel in and dies. , no boost leaks, no leaks anywhere. timing is set at 5* at 1500 with the wire grounded because thats the only place i can keep it running, average idle A/F is between 14.5 and 15.0 before it floods and dies. 1g car,UNhacked 2g MAF, 550 injectors,280 cams, runs awsome other than below 1500 rpm it wants to drown itself.
    tried a different MAF with no luck.
    maybe the valve overlap is letting air rush through, thats my only guess by this point.

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    Did you check your mechanical timing?
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