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Thread: 98 GSX AT Stroker build

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    Default 98 GSX AT Stroker build

    Hey guys, I thought i'd share my build with you here. I've been into DSM's for 10 years now, and i've had a 95 Talon that burned down, and my current 98 Eclipse. Here's the current specs the way she sits:

    98 GSX, 104k miles
    Revised 7 bolt 4g64 block
    1g 7 bolt head
    ARP main studs, dowels, head studs
    IJ 3 piece crank scraper
    Fluidampr crank pulley
    Crower springs and retainers
    3g lifters
    4g64 DOHC OEM cam gears
    91 CAS with adapter cable
    1g NA throttle body (to use my GM maf, I only had one straight and one elbow)

    3" GM maf w/ ECMlink adapter cable
    2.5" hard intercooler piping
    OBX front mount intercooler (plan to replace with a Treadstone unit)
    1g BOV modded Dodge Garage style
    FP Aluminum intake
    Optima Yellow top (i cant believe this thing still works)
    Evo III 16g (replacing with an FP Green next year)
    FP Race exhaust manifold
    2.5 SS external WG dump o2 housing
    3" downpipe
    3" SRS exhaust (crappy 2.5 Pacesetter is on for now until I can fix the downpipe which was hacked)

    Innovate LC1 Wideband
    Auto Meter Phantom Boost/Oil pressure
    All in a Glowshift Grey 3 gauge pod

    We're nearing the end of the build now, everything is together aside from the new transmission filter. How many links can be in a thread? I have a lot of pictures I can post but the first time it said I put too many url's.

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