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Thread: My 9 second Talon street car

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    Default My 9 second Talon street car

    For those that do not know, I decided to put the car back to a true street car. After running 9.9 a couple of years ago, it was clear the car would need some serious safety updates to continue to run that quick ( 10 point cage, window net, full fire suit, etc.. ). I knew if I did this, it would never be a street car again, and those that know me, know I have fought this battle for years. I have worked too hard to keep the car from not looking like an all out race car. So I decided to " slow it down ".

    The goal was 600 WHP and low 10's. I put a full leather interior in it, a smaller quieter exhaust, smaller turbo, and the wastegate dumps back into the FP 3" 02 housing. The set up is much more street friendly.

    The new set up consists of:

    FP DSM82 HTA
    FP Manifold
    FP 3" 02 housing ( recirculating! )
    BR 3" turbo back exhaust
    Shep Stage IV trans with 4 Spider Diff
    BR Stage III cylinder head with 1mm oversized valves
    BR 3" UICP
    Pauter / Wiseco 1400 HD combo
    ACT Twin Disc
    Kelford 272's

    The car has been to the track a bunch in the last few weeks. It seems to run quicker/faster every time out. So I took it back out Friday night. First pass it ran a 10.06@138, with a 1.49 60'. I was a bit upset because I knew that was the 60' I needed to run a 9. I told a few people it would do it.

    I only waited 20 minutes or so, and after some prodding from Kevin, decided to run it again before the sun went down. I knew the launch felt good, hit all my shift points, and saw the 9.xx on the board as I went by. I was thrilled!

    This is one bad ass set up. Here is the slip:

    60' - 1.48
    330 - 4.235
    1/8 - 6.448
    MPH - 109.32
    1000' - 8.371
    1/4 - 9.980
    MPH - 140.31

    Video link:

    I am extremely happy with this set up. The car hauls ass on the street and clearly gets it done at the track. Of course I am right back where I started. I do NOT intend on putting the additional cage and safety gear in it. So once the track pulls me back to tech I will slow it down. I want to race it at Import Face Off in October. I think it has a bit more in it.
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    Thank you for video link!
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    Nice setup.

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