Years ago (talking 08 or 09) I picked up a BR bullet mid pipe muffler for my EVO. Combined with the BR magma flow cat back the car sounded amazing. Stock quiet at idle but still throaty when the hammer was put down.

I loved the concept so much that I adapted the mid pipe to work on my 3000GT.

This muffler just BARELY fits under the car. I had to remove the stock underbody heatshield for it to bolt up, and if you're running stock motor mounts, it would hit the bottom of the car for sure. This is the original version muffler and if memory serves Buschur now uses a smaller style bullet muffler.

Does BR still sell this mid pipe? I'd like to pick up another one to use on my latest 3000GT project. I need one with flanges mounted on both sides of the pipe and it needs to be about 17" long.