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Thread: No switched power to ecu and stereo

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    Default No switched power to ecu and stereo

    long story short I was driving the car, shifted into 3rd, then it died. I notice the safc is not on so I check ecu power and there is no switched on the main red wire. It has constant power, and the switched power on the black/white stripe wire is there. The radio will motor out to remove the faceplate when the key is switched off but it has no switched power to turn on. I've pulled every fuse I can find on the car and all are fine. Im going to look for a full wiring schematic this weekend so I can trace out the line off the ecu but if anyone has any ideas I'd give it a try. I was thinking ignition switch but I doubt it since it happened while the car was running, plus the other switched power accessories are working fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    your car is cursed!
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    Fusible link?
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