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Thread: Site rules, few but important, be sure to read.

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    Default Site rules, few but important, be sure to read.

    Hi everyone,

    We are keeping the rules to a minimum here but we feel there are a few we want to enforce.

    1. Vendors who have their own vendor section must supply random tech support to vendors and post tech articles. Site is not just for your sale ads.

    2. Members/vendors are NOT permitted to put a permanent link to ANY OTHER FORUMS or BUSINESS related sites in their signature.

    3. Vendors who have their own vendor section on this site are permitted to post their HOME PAGE link in their signature.

    ***We feel this is a fair decision. We are willing to allow anyone to come on, discuss just about anything but the idea is NOT to direct traffic away from here but keep people here. We are not charging for vending so this is a minor/simple thing to ask for and within reason we feel.

    Also, we have been contacted by the company that hosts this site and have been advised of some other rules that are in our contract we signed many years ago regarding hosting the site. These are to also be followed by all members here:

    Prohibition of Publication of Certain Material. Client shall not
    knowingly or unknowingly submit to Provider for publication any of the
    following material:
    (a) any material which violates or infringes any copyright, trademark,
    trade secret, patent, statutory, common law or other proprietary
    rights of others;

    (b) any material that is libelous or slanderous;

    (c) any material that is otherwise contrary to applicable local, state
    or federal laws

    (d) pornographic or other "adult" material, "warez" related content

    Provider's decision regarding what constitutes a violation of this
    section shall be final and binding.
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