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Thread: got a '95 eeprom ecu but now have problems. P0202 CEL

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    Default got a '95 eeprom ecu but now have problems. P0202 CEL

    Hi i recently purchased a '95 eeprom ecu for my '97 car. And i'm having problems.

    The problem is that since i installed the '95 ECU i get a P0202 CEL constantly. (P0202 Fuel Injector Circuit Malfunction)

    I'll explain what i've done so far to try to fix it but with no luck:

    1- I swapped injector 1 and 2. (that means injector2 is ok)

    2- swapped wiring connectors on the injectors 1 and 2 and cut the wires on the ecu side and swap them too. (that means that wiring going from the ECU to the inj 2 and the resistor pack is ok)

    3- Resolder every solder on the ECU and replace all 4 electrolytic capacitors. And test for continuity on the ECU traces and inj 2 pin connector. Also tested the resistor array on the ECU that is used to test the injectors.

    After that everything seems ok. But i keep getting the CEL.

    That ECU has the inversion CAS code to make it compatible with my '97 car and a reprogramed keydiver eeprom chip.

    Do you guys think that internally the injector number names could be swaped doing this CAS inversion mod? I mean, maybe the ecu is giving injector 2 error but instead is the number 3 or 1 or whatever and i'm messing with the wrong injector or wiring?

    Have any ideas of what can i do?

    Any help will be apreciated. Thanks
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