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Thread: Two turbos two results.....

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    Default Two turbos two results.....

    Check out this dyno chart.

    The two comparisons are of my RS and a TME 20G with a max boost of 30 psi on race gas. The other car is a customers with a max boost of 38 psi with a GT40R. The builds are identical other than the turbo/header combinations.

    It's easy to see why the 20G is so much fun to drive, up to 5500 rpm is has more HP and torque than the GT40R. After that's fun to look at the chart! haha

    The "after that" portion of the curve makes me want to change the car over, looking at it you would think YEE HAAAAA!! It is just so much more boring down low.

    My car at this power/torque level should dip into the 10's with trap speeds of about 127 mph. The other car should dip into the 9's as it has already gone 113.8 mph in the 1/8 mile and just over 144 mph in the 1/4 mile.

    BTW, the other car, has a full cage in it, runs on normal radial tires, has carpet, front and rear seats, dash, door panels etc. It is lightened but still looks pretty complete.


    David Buschur

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    Hey David,

    Do you think a 20G would see similar results on a 2G? I ask because I am looking to replace my 16G sometime down the road and I have an automatic so the powerband has to be in a low enough range for me to use. I also have 264/264 HKS cams to help out as well as the rest of the supporting mods.


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    hey look, everything is the same at 5252!!!1

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