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07-04-2011, 03:19 AM
The last WW was not as fun....time to bring FUN BACK! My thoughts...INPUT?
Ok, as those who know me, know I don't think linear at all, and I tend to dart from idea to idea, till I find something I find fun. Don't misunderstand what I said in the original post, it was still fun, but I didn't have as much fun as i did when we first got it going. The weather finally took a dump on us, which didn't help matters any. The cause is still there, but the passion in my belly has waxed and waned the last couple years, due to divorce, work stuff, etc...

Now that is becoming less of a daily stress on me, so I can refocus for the first time on this event, which I haven't in the last few years. It's time to bring the FUN BACK!

For the next event, it's gonna kick ass! That I promise you, just like the good old days! I am already on it (Earliest I have been on it since WWII). I can fill in all the details soon, or when I have a meeting to lay it all out, you can show up and see if you want to be a part of it this go round.

First up: Promo/video shoot: You guys get first dibs on being part of this, and it will be within 6-8 weeks. Edgar, this means you and the drift boys too!

I need help coming up with a Climactic (Babyj, this doesn't mean what you do with the chubby white chicks lol) I envision a Promo video to tell a story of what we do, why, and when. It needs to be said in about a minute. The minute version will this time run as a promo video in movie theaters the month before the race. Plus we need about a 10 minute "Trailer" to give to vendors and sponsors that say the same story, but in a longer format. Here is the idea I came up with:

In an abandon factory (I have many to choose from, and have permission to do this already, so that's good) there are 20 or so "Race/show cars" under tarps, as if mothballed over the winter. A kid, either in a wheelchair, or with leg braces, is playing hide and seek with his friends, and he sees these cars thru a crack in the door of the abandon factory. He sneaks in, and stands in awe in front of these cars under tarps, and starts to pull back the tarps. He sees a Vette, lambo, etc... When he gets to one car, he pulls the tarp back a bit, and looks puzzled as to what he is looking at....

What he is looking at, is the "Media Shootout car", where all the signatures and hand prints are, and he cautiously puts his hand in a traced hand from another Riley kid from the previous race. He closes his eyes, where he sees flashbacks of all the previous years races... Then he takes his hand off the car, as if startled to what he saw, and the factory groundskeeper is behind him, and he says: "You think it's time to take these cars out and do it again?" Of course the kid says yes, and the cars come to life and are racing around inside the factory, to get out as if headed back to the track for WWVIII.

I ran this by the professional videographer, and he said I have to get a story board, and a story together, and we are going to present it to a committee. He said the ending falls flat, the beginning is great! Now how do we make this kick ass and have an awesome ending??

You guys have feedback on this one?? I need some creative help on this one. You can all come out and watch the footage if you want, be part of it, video/take pix, etc... since I am most closely affiliated with you guys/gals, I say the promo video should include all of us.

Next years Media Shootout car/Fastest comic in Indiana car is going to be a 2010 Mustang 5.0, and I cant wait to get my hands on this one to make my "tweaks" to it. gonna be one BAD ASS MO-FO!

Now on to the events I am currently working on, and things are looking good so far.

2 day event. ONLY ONE DAY is at ORP, the carshow, and the drags.

Autox: As big of track, and as fast!
Slalom: same as at ORP/IRP/EIEIO
0-100-0MPH on an airport runway. The same guys who test for Road and Track will come out and score us.
Rallyx: Here is how I envision this one. Drivers race the autox course, at the end, their CAR IS HELD FOR 30 Seconds! Why? Because when the autox is done, you have to do the rallyx. The 30 second hold is for those who DO NOT want to race their car on the rallyx track, so they need the 30 seconds to rush over to a provided rallyx car, to get their times in on that track. If you DO DECIDE to race YOUR CAR in the dirt, just stay in your car, and when the 30 second hold is over, you take off in your car in the dirt.

Good thing the cornfield is right next too the autox track. lol

Now here is something I am working on, and I don't think it's being done anywhere in the Country yet, but hell, it's over due! I am sitting down with the powers to be in Connersville to do a Targa-Rally type race thru the streets of Connersville. I've been an upstanding citizen of that town for a while, and I know the Mayor well, and those of various boards and committees for the city of Connersville.

I will have a sit down with the mayor and others with my proposal, but I think I can get it done! Of course there will be blasts down country roads, and thru town, I will have cones put up where the road has dips/bumps, or where for saftey concerns go, chicago boxes to slow down the drivers. Again, this is in the infancy stages, but so far, the feedback and interest has been awesome. If you want to partake in this with me/us, let me know.

And I also have to meet with the president of Carbon Motors in Connersville as well. Why? Because we are going to be using the old visteon plant to shoot this commercial, and what is going to chase us "Racers" out of the building? Yep, the Carbon Motors E7 Police car! I am super excited to do this, and I think it will bring in more fun in this event, and make it the premiere streetcar shootout across the country. If you have input give it, if you want to be part of this, and pick a job, I will let you know when/where that is.

I am again, just going to do the Media stuff, as I enjoy that, and if you give me too much say in things, i can fuck it up! lol. You guys/gals pickin up what I'm putting down? You like the ideas, or at least the "Broad strokes" I just laid down??

I've been busy putting my life on track, moved to Lowell Indiana (Crown Point) working as a Chiro associate with some guy up there. lol. It is going well, me and the kids are doing well, but we had hell to go thru the last couple years, but that is behind us now, and it's only looking up from here.

Depending on the day we get at ORP, I am assuming Sunday, so the events above will be on the previous day. Drags and GENERAL CARSHOW will be at ORP, along with some special cars doing some racing there as well.

Oh yeah, the cornfield is to the north of the visteon plants parking lot (Owned by the city), and the airport is 800yds across the street of the visteon plant...ALSO owned by the city. MY OLD CITY, where I am close to the decision makers of the city. So I got a foot/leg/arm in the door there.

And of course, lots of places to do nice drifting as well! Edgar? lol

David, you WILL be in this promo video, if you cant make it, give me the keys to the bish! I will bring it back in the condition I got it, except for the brown stain on the drivers seat! lol. Since the Media Shootout car is going to be a new 2012 5.0L Mustang, all the work done to it will be from your shop! Wait till you see the plans I have for this bad boy!! Wrapped in Ford Gulf Gt40 style! Baby Blue/orange!! Gonna be sweet!


07-04-2011, 07:21 AM
Here is a map of the area, so you can see how close everything is! And the town is a mile south of here, if we are going to do the targa newfoundland style street racing. its back to the track at ORP/IRP for the drags, and the carshow, unless we decide for a more lenient track. Dave/Mike and i are in discussions on that part now.

07-05-2011, 12:31 AM
As you can see, I clearly have my work cut-out for me! :)

Also, we're getting rid of the hill billy old guys that used to "help" us out with it. They have no clue how to run an event.

Let's get back to the FUN that started Winged Warrior!

10-04-2011, 07:59 AM
LOL. You can reel me in for sure Mike, no worries, wont be flying off the handle, but check out the Media Shootout car! You guys like it?





U think this may need a small outline of white too, and Buschur on the fenders as well.


David Buschur
10-04-2011, 09:25 AM
I love the event, it's been my favorite event of the year since the first year we attended, which I believe was WWII. However, I agree with this last year's event, it sucked balls.

I have a number one priority for you guys and the event and this is coming from a guy (me) who runs two events a year both of which are larger than the WW event. RUN THE DAMN THING ON TIME. There is absolutely NO freaking excuse for an event to start 3 hours late. This years event was 3 hours late getting started and had it been run on time we could have finished the entire event. Open the gates on time, have the tech guys there ready and get the cars on track by 9am. There is no excuse for how the event is run, it's not the first year for it or the second. Nobody likes to sit around and wait to run and everyone gets pissed off.

I'm looking forward to the event again and the changes/improvements.

10-04-2011, 11:40 PM
Well put David! I cant agree with you more. I am working on getting it right this time, it's long overdue, and I had to clean house a bit to get it back in a position this needs to go, in order to survive. You ALL will love the changes for sure. Everyone who worked with us at the track these few years, got fired or retired. They didn't know how to get an event like this going, as WW this year, was the first time they had an event like we did, so they had no clue how to run that part. It is going to run smooth this time, or I am riding a unicycle without a seat, down the dragstrip! Thanks for all your support throughout the years David, and all your members on here as well! That speaks volumes, and is the reason I had to put a headlock on this NOW, for a smooth running race, next year!! Keep updated here, or on facebook, as we are revamping that site also. Again, Thank you for your continued support, and patience.