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David Buschur
07-25-2010, 06:01 PM
There was some discussion in this year's 18th Annual DSM/EVO Shootout thread about the times we remember over the years and I thought I start this thread.

Here is what I suggest. If you'd like to post up a story hit "reply" like you normally would and then click "go advanced" before you start to post. This will give you a title box, in the box type your screen name and real name if you like. Then put your memories up. If you think of some new ones add them to your post.

I'll post up some stories and such. My first one will be below so you can see what I mean.

Thanks for all that will contribute to this!

David Buschur
07-25-2010, 06:20 PM

I'll start my stories just by telling about the first actual shootout. Way back, 19 years ago now, before the first real shootout was the first real shootout!

Originally I had started building some parts for my own car because there were no others produced, like an I/C pipe without 10 bends or a place to mount gauges. Back then a man named Mike Westwood had a company called Alamo Autosports down in Texas. He started a club called the "Mitsubishi Diamond Star Owners Group" or MDSOG for short. The club sent out a quarterly newsletter. I became involved and started writing articles for it. Mike wanted me to start selling parts so I agreed and named my side business effort "Priority Performance". Somewhere along the lines it was decided we should do a drag race get together here at Norwalk. My Talon then was running 12's and I was the quickest/fastest in the country. The week we were doing the race I broke my first axle and had to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. So I was without my Talon at the first "shootout" which wasn't called a "shootout" yet. Mike and his wife Pam came down, I drove my 1969 Chevelle SS396 to the event and raced, Bob Haworth was there in his '90 Talon equipped with every HKS part made, Dean Bradley with his '92 Talon and there was a N/A RX7. I seem to recall one other car too but could be wrong as I only remember 4 cars being there. So, this just popped into my head. Dean and I were going back and forth then every few weeks with who was the fastest in the country. That night I think he was only able to run low 13's. Bob had a LOT of money and parts on his HKS equipped Talon and was running 15's! Dean and I were watching and both of us knew something was wrong with the car. We went back to the pits and found that the rod going to the wastegate was actually OFF the pin. We hooked it back up and he went out and ran some mid 13's! I've actually got VHS video from that event that I've put on a DVD. Kind of off topic but that next year my side business grew exponentially and I changed the name to Buschur Racing and we then arranged with the track to have our own lane for the event on a Friday night, Lane #8 was reserved for just us DSM's.


The word got out about the first year's get together through the MDSOG coverage, so the following year more people wanted to come out. Remember guys, it's been a long time so my recollection of exact details won't be perfect but.....there were for sure 8 guys, all of us with running DSM's. Jeff Hill, myself, Dean Bradley and Chris Croft were there. I have pictures of that event and may be able to remember a few more names if I dig them up. We all met at my house and the pictures of all the cars were in the back yard of my old house, clean new beautiful DSM's!! I can tell you there was a lot of street racing that went on back then!! Jeff I remember always had bad luck at the shootout. Great guy but his luck coming to Ohio always sucked. I don't remember if it was that first year or maybe one shortly after that but he had to changed a head gasket in my old gravel driveway. They worked on the car nearly all night and did get it fixed up.

07-26-2010, 02:43 PM
I seen Deans car 2 years ago, its now been blessed by Kiggly and is pretty sick! Most of my shootout memories revolve around the shenanigans that have happened over the years. (the sign being changed,fire department being called due to excessive burn out smoke,arbys drama,etc)
Deans car as on Nov/2008
Kiggly looking over Deans car

07-26-2010, 03:03 PM
My most "exciting" memory was being pulled over by Wakeman's Finest as a passenger with Jarrod driving his white EVO. I was supposed to find out how the car felt, but we never made it off Main St! The cop watched me get in his car, two blocks later the po-po had us pulled over. Memorable? Yep, to this day Jarrod and I have been great friends. Hahaha

And I'll be back for more this Shootout it looks like...well to get my car that is, no more profiling!

David Buschur
07-26-2010, 03:31 PM
dave99, well add to the post~! Put up those crazy memories, we'd all like to hear them.

I'm assuming you also meant to say Dean's car has NOW been blessed by Kiggly, so is Dean coming out this year?

07-26-2010, 09:38 PM
The first shootout I attended was in... 2000? i think. Hell back then the racing was still on friday night. A friend and I couldnt make the racing, but we made it down saturday and watched the autox and enjoyed the car show. We walked up to the RWD 98 Talon and my friend pointed to the front of the car(which had the clip removed) and said thats a big radiator. I told him that spearco made intercoolers, not radiators. His eyes about popped out of his head.

07-27-2010, 12:55 AM
I can't even begin to post my Shootout memories. We (DSM friends and I) started coming the the Shootout back in '05. We came on a chance of luck that I had off work that weekend. I was 20, my friend who drove was 17, and my other buddy was 21. We came up Saturday, went to the dyno day at Buschur's, then went to Cedar Point. Came back and partied with the 2gnt crew (this was the same year as the luggage cart through the Arby's sign by the NABR guys), didn't have anywhere to stay, so we crashed on a buddies floor (the admin of 2gnt). Next day, went to the race, had a blast, and the rest is history.

Since this trip, I've been coming every year, and telling every boss I've had that I'm coming, every year. When I was told "no" by my boss, I told him to find somebody to replace me. I have yet to be fired for leaving town for the shootout. Hell, where I work now tried to tell me no. I told them to replace me. They said it won't be necessary, as they "found somebody to cover my shifts". lol

I can't remember all the good times I've had at the shootout, which is probably due to one too many adult beverages at the hotels. But I can tell you that I will be back each and every year.

This year, my girl told me to find somebody else to crash with and go up by myself. I said "NO!", since she loves DSM's and Evo's, too. I said "I'll quit drinking for a month so we can afford this trip!", so I've been sober for about 2 weeks now. lol

See you kids in 2.5 weeks!

07-27-2010, 10:45 AM
I like sneaking off about mid-day to the lake down the street from the shop , sets the a nice tone for the second half of the Dyno day :o

07-27-2010, 10:54 AM
So we heard this event call the shootout was going on, so our whole little crew decided that we should make it out. I had my 1990 GST AND 3000GT VR4 with me at the time, We get to the car show part and decided that before we put the car on the dyno, we should turn it up a little, the day before the car had made 648 whp and 550 ftibs. So jeremy and my buddy jake decided to "check" the boost level on side road in wakeman.. When these two bone heads get back I recall the boost and it was close to 40 ibs ( later we found out that the ceramic coating on the piston was gone) ...

anyway so we put the car on the dyno, I was so fucking nervous, I was standing directly behind the car listening to it, we even turned the nitrous on, because I really wanted that damn trophy. The car sounded awesome, way better than the 500+ HP colt that had just made a pull. So we go look at the graph......... 300HP , 800FTIBS of torque WTF Its a dsm not a diesel :) hhahahah We tried to make a couple more pulls but it was still varied results that made no sense.

so away we went with no trophy , Oh well :) The next day at the race, we broke axles left right and center, and even had the accelerator pedal get stuck in the floorboard.......... WHAT A fantastic shoot out.

Hope to see you all in a few weeks

07-27-2010, 06:14 PM
Some of you may remember this from a few years ago, It's my little adventure from the 2007 Shootout Rainout.

I showed up in Norwalk at about 11:30pm Friday night, drove around, figured out were shit was again as i haven't been there in 6 or so years and i pretty well forgot where well... everything was. So i get it freshened up and get some Z's.

Saturday, wake up and head down to BR to go to the open house/dyno... WOW.. there were some sick cars down there, and sooo many people. There were also those ... weird cars with 4g63's ... like the 430 whp awd Hyundai Elantra..., the 3rd gen RX-7, and the Fiero with the 4g63. there was also a lot of nice Colts, Summits, and Mirages with swaps (at least 1 AWD there). Met a lot of cool people, (Jake, Brian, and others i cant remember their names off the top of my head) so we left around 5 to go get some food and relax. After drinking a few beers, hanging out with Curt Brown and some of the guys from IMV films in their hotel room we called it a night.

Sunday, Rain... and lots of it, so we just went ahead and ate breakfast and left. We hit 80 east and the car is just hydroplaning everywhere, so im taking it easy at around 60mph and the semis are pretty well scaring the shit out of me, so i get off and relax for a minute take a smoke break and head back out. Well its not any better so i figure i'm gonna have to speed up just to keep from getting killed. We passed a 4th gen eclipse that the front got friendly with the jersey barrier, and an explorer on its roof. I should've slowed down, but I didn't....

then it happened..........

I was in the far left lane, and all of the sudden i feel the back of the car twitch, left, right, left right LLEEEFFFFT, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT...

yup i spun it, from the berm on the left side of the 3 lane highway (after the biiiig left) in front of a semi, between a Volvo station wagon and a Volkswagen Jetta, missing the guard rail with the front drivers side (yup im backwards on the OH turnpike now)and at this point i slam on the brakes (i almost drove out of it, figured id give up when i was facing head on at a minivan) and drove the BACK drivers side corner of the bumper into the guard rail. Car stalled, started it, drove onto the berm.... adrenaline rush.. wow

so i put along on the berm until i get to an area to pull over.... get out, expecting fully to see busted taillights and bumper cover, to find 2 scuffs... THAT'S it... i guess i got it slowed down enough to just scrape the paint.

then I drove the remaining 250 miles home.... what a weekend.

07-28-2010, 02:07 PM
Originally had talked to David in 91-92. When he was writing the MDSOG articles. A friend had a 90 AWD TSI he got new in the spring on 1990. I had worked on it and put an HKS TP and catback on it. Horgen boost control and K&N. We didn't have the internet. Dave would actually write notes or letters and respond in the mail. Bought my first clutch and fuel pump from David. Not many sources back then even in Turbo Magazine. He told me about the Shootout in 1992. I didn't make it. In 1993 I got my TSI. Owning a small business and summer being peak work time didn't make it then either. Or in 1994. Finally in 1995 went with a friend. My Talon ran 12.45's that day. We ran the right lane and a photog took pics and catalogged the times. We ate at Sterks that afternoon and handed out awards and had a tech Q&A session. At the time Dave was about 11.60's. Fastest in the nation. A car from CA was at the SO in 1995 and ran 11.90's. It was a far cry from my car on weight, setup and parts. It also was run so hard it lifted the head. That fall I tweaked on my car a bit more after being motivated by the Shootout. Two different days at the track I got down to 12.30's at 110-112. Finally taking the car to Norwalk in November to run against Hayward, the aforementioned guy David was talking about. I get to the track. Bobs car is gutted, as in total sheet metal inside. On NOS, He wouldn't race me. His sidekick with a 90 Laser FWD on moon slicks had just split his tranny case and was leaking all over. Shuster was his name. My Talon on 93 Shell ran 12.29 first pass. Then 12.teens, 12.00ss 11.95, 11.96. I had done it. Third DSM known in the US to go 11's and I drove 186 miles on Shell 93 to the track, ran the 8 runs in a row and drove home. I was hooked. Ended up selling the car to David and it ended up in Aruba. Got a 95 GSX and started on that road to going fast with it. Quite a bit more difficult to say the least. Made the SO in 96-97-98-99 before moving to Texas. Have not been to one since. There sure isn't anything like it either. Its a one of a kind event. Got some good stories yet on the antics that went on each year. Will post some more later.

DSM Loki
08-19-2010, 06:06 PM
Well, my experiences with the shootout start with my first back in '04. I drove my 90 laser down and stayed at the best western. On the way there, as we got closer and closer, we started seeing more and more DSM's and a few evos. We pulled into norwalk and I was blown away, I didn't see more than a handful of cars that weren't 4g powered.

As night rolled in the rowdiness started. Bench racing, bouncing ideas back and forth for future setups, tuning advice, the maroon FWD 2g roasting a lot of material off of his slicks. A few locals pulled in with a truck and talked some trash, did a burnout onto the road and got pulled over. I had a friendly discussion with some of the boys in blue about why I was a worthless waste of life for being intoxicated in public, you know, the usual.

Saturday morning we woke up, headed out to buschur's and saw vineet unloading the twin engine talon, a ludicrous number of dsms faster than I've ever seen, David's red evo on the lift to fix what I think was a spun rod bearing. After I pulled out of the parking lot at BR, while sitting at a red light I got rear-ended by a semi, that was fun.

Sunday we get to the track and see even more cars. David's evo set a record for quickest stock turbo evo, most of the FWD class grenading axles and one of the track crew spraying traction compound after every other run. Then rain, head back through a big storm and start planning for the next year.

In '05 I rode down in my friend's MR2, we got pulled over twice on the way for speeding and loud exhaust. Late friday night the BW is still hopping when the van full of doughnuts pulls in for the morning delivery to the BW. One of the canucks I had been talking to kindly pointed this out to the boys in blue that had posted up in the arby's poarking lot. For some reason the officer that didn't like me the previous year still hadn't been won over by my dashing good looks, and wanted to have another friendly discussion about how this event is the worst weekend of the year because we're a bunch of worthless ricers with slow cars and no respect for authority.

I don't remember much from BR on saturday, but saturday night the rain led to a lot of evos launching through the BW parking lot. Sunday I remember a lot of waiting to dry the track after so many sudden short patches of rain. I really appreciated all the effort that went into trying to let everybody finish the racing.

From '06-10 The memories start to get blurry. This could be caused by the start of what has become a bit of a tradition, my jungle juice in a gas can beer bong. One thing that seems to be a recurring event though is that every year I get yelled at by the same short bald norwalk cop for having the nerve to come to ohio for a race event and tip a few back while I'm there.

'06-'07 We camped at the track, had a great time and still made our rounds to the hotels.

In '08 the MIDSM guys and my wisconson buddies convinced us to start camping at the Milan travel park, which we've done every year since then. Of course last year there was the 10 Hundred Racing incident, a civic being parked in the woods, getting Mike Reichen to take a rip from the gas can beer bong, and me waking up sunday morning with a 105* fever and missing the races because of it.

This years highlights for me are the people going MIA immediately after drinking my juice, the 96 cup mitsu logo pong with the DSM Graveyard crew, and the flippy cup games that started as a quick 4vs4 and continued with "2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, 4 out of 7, 5 of 9" etc until the 13th game decided the outcome.

I wasn't even to the track yet this year and I was already looking forward to next year's.
I wish we could do it every month.
I must say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you to everybody that makes this happen every year.

David Buschur
08-20-2010, 12:37 AM
I sure enjoy reading all of this. Keep them coming and thanks for posting.

08-20-2010, 01:52 AM
This year will be my most memorable shootout. My fiance and I got engaged this past weekend. :)

SS Laser
08-20-2010, 02:15 AM
Well I have a bad memory but here goes. It was 1995 (maybe 96). Curt Brown had just bought his 1990 GSX in red. We are hanging at his house drinking and decide to ride up to norwalk raceway on saturday to check out the "shootout". We drive up and checkout vendors row and the car show. Had a good time that day. But the 3 of us there chickened out on paying for a hotel to stay over and watch the races the next day. I still wish to this day that we would have. But I have been at every shootout since then!

Off topic but this will help me remember. Dave what year did you sell Shep the AWD? Was that the same year you built the first RWD?

08-20-2010, 10:05 AM
My favorite was winning the Stock Appearing class in 2006. Not much to say other than being hung over in 97 degree heat has caused me to pretty much not drink at the shootout anymore.

In 2005, my buddy and I were on our way to the track on Sunday. While on the way we came up on a car going way too slow and when the road goes to 4 lanes under the highway, we passed the car on the right. Just as I made my way around, I noticed a cop going the other way and he turned around. Well the best thing I could think of was to turn right and I did down a road that dead ends into a concrete company. We got to the end and expected the cop to come down the road but he didn't. He decided to call another cruiser to come over and sit at the end of the road and wait for us. We ended up finding a back way out through a tractor trail in a corn field and quickly parked among the hundreds of Dsms to fit in. Not my proudest moment but there was no high speed chase and I didn't get a ticket.

We also enjoyed the response from the Buschur crew about the Norwalk Arby's shirts and I also fondly remember giving Dave his "10 facts about Dave Buschur" shirt.

08-20-2010, 11:52 AM
I believe it was 1998. We drove the normal 500 mile trip from Southern New York to Norwalk for the DSM Shootout. This time however, we decided to caravan. We actually got 28 first gens; Talons, Eclipses, Lasers and 1 Galant VR4 (Nate Farr if I remember correctly) to drive 500 miles together on Rt 80. For the Majority of the trip we drove 2X2, 14 rows deep like a Nascar starting grid. It was amazing. I remember driving past an Ohio State Trooper at 65mph, 28 of the same car in different colors, I still rember the look on his face. Probably the most fun I've ever had driving 500 miles.