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06-05-2010, 09:55 PM

It's official!!!! The MWE 3rd Annual Birthday Bash is on July 24th and 25th!!

This thread is to start the planning/attendance list. So post up if you are planning to attend and/or have suggestions. We have a few vendors expressing an interest in this event and once again Modified by KC is graciously hosting!

I am sure we will have more than one list here for people wanting to tune and dyno, MKC will be doing tunes and dyno pulls through the weekend and Mellon Tuning will be making the trip to attend as welll!

When:Saturday July 24th & Sunday July 25th
Where: Modified by KC (click here for location (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Modified+by+KC&sll=38.878017,-94.785478&sspn=0.009922,0.022788&ie=UTF8&hq=Modified+by+KC&hnear=&ll=39.026119,-94.739914&spn=0.316855,0.729218&t=h&z=11&iwloc=A)) in Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Who: All MWE members and guests
What: Car show, Dyno Days/Contest, possible product demos, raffle, giveaways, Trophies..
Food:Chad and Ryan from MKC will be BBQ'ing again. Burgers/Brats. We will supply the beverages as we know it'll be warm out. Potluck was just not going to work with everyone coming at different times/days.

Member Attendance list...

1. *SMP3000 (midwestevos.com)
2. *cmattb25 (midwestevos.com)
3. Ticketmaster (midwestevos.com)
4. Jamezray25 (midwestevos.com/Kcsr.org)
5. Titaztik (midwestevos.com)
6. CornfedIXRS (midwestevos.com)
7. Flmhdpsycho (midwestevos.com)
8. *Biggie5252 (midwestevos.com)
9. bluejay (midwestevos.com)
10. gunhaha (midwestevos.com)
11. *MajorGunHo (maybe) (midwestevos.com)
12. WRXNFX (kcsubaru.com)
13. Mongo (midwestevos.com)
14. boostedevo05 (midwestevos.com)
15. KSwrxWAGON (kcsubaru.com)
16. Golden (midwestevos.com)
17. Mellon Tuning (racevideoforums.com/midwestevos.com)
18. Kevin@Mellontuning (racevideoforums.com/midwestevos.com)
19. rookrex (kcsubaru.com)
20. Photoroller (kcsubaru.com) <------ Photographer!! :)
21. kilby33 (kcsubaru.com)
22. NickieBlaine (midwestevos.com)
23. Tripod (midwestevos.com)
24. * killakane24 (midwestevos.com)
25. killakanette24 (nebraska-subaru.com)
26. monkeyfish76 (midwestevos.com)
27. NickieBlaine (midwestevos.com)
28. paper_tiger (kcsubaru.com)
29. namcu (kcsubaru.com)
30. Blast83 (midwestevos.com)
31. BBS08STI (midwestevos.com)
32. Mitsael (midwestevos.com)

Would love to meet some new people and of course see familiar faces. Should be a great time. We had a massive turnout last year and this year will only be even Bigger! :mitsu: {thumbup}