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  19. Will there be a Genesis Class at the Shootout ?
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  21. i dont know what to do
  22. You know whats sad??
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  37. Looks like HKS is slowly putting parts out?
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  40. Buschur Racing begins R&D work on the "Deuce Coupe"
  41. Buschur Racing datalogs the Deuce. Interesting....
  42. Drop a Deuce!
  43. Buschur Racing 2.0t Genesis Coupe Mini Battery Kit. *FINISHED PRODUCT*
  44. 275/40-17 Hoosier DOT Drag Radials fit the coupe!
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  56. The Buschur Racing Coupe goes back to the dyno!
  57. Buschur Racing addresses & resolves the Coupe's weak OEM BOV
  58. Wheel spacer and wheel stud information.
  59. Our first offering in a stock appearing turbo upgrade for the Coupe!
  60. Buschur Racing 2.0T Genesis Coupe *OFFICIAL PARTS RELEASE* Lineup & Pricing!
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  62. First set of Wrinkle Black Coupe pipes are in! SICK!
  63. You guys should probably do this..
  64. Doing my first ever track day tomorrow!
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  69. Genesis place 2nd in RWD Street Tire class at the Central Divisional Championship
  70. Engine Mgmt,,,, who makes it?
  71. *PRODUCT RELEASE* Buschur Racing 2.0t Genesis Coupe TiAL BOV Kit & BOV Blockoff Plate
  72. *PRODUCT RELEASE* Buschur Racing 2.0t Genesis Coupe Forged Internals
  73. R model
  74. 1200 miles, 5 1/2 days, four days of racing...
  75. Year end results...
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  78. Force-Feds R-Spec!!!!!!!!!
  79. R-spec coming soon
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  81. So, what is the performance potential of the turbo cars?
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  84. New member.
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