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  1. New FMIC's finished...
  2. *NEW* Buschur Racing Shifter Bushings
  3. HKS F-CON V-Pro ?
  4. Buschur Racing Builds The Most Powerful 4g63's..period.
  5. New excellent tuning tool, Power FC...
  6. Exhaust comparisons.....you aren't getting what you paid for!
  8. The end all comparisons between two dynos
  9. Having trouble with an EVC
  10. 20g-9 and Revolver cams.....dynochart
  11. The Black shop car....661 whp and just getting started.
  12. Evo 8 20g Turbo, problems with surge.
  13. Freeing up weight via C-West Front Bumper
  14. Will an SCCA catback fit inside an Evo?
  15. stock block limits
  16. ?Best turbo for a 2 litre?
  17. Evo Help!
  18. Saving for my upgrades
  19. Question, please reply
  20. Ported & Coated stock housing
  21. Do you have any used delux FMIC available?
  22. 272's vs 280's
  23. Revolver Cams
  24. Next Upgrade for my 9 David??
  25. BR Evolution Pure Power Package
  26. SMC alky kit
  27. Welcome To The New Hot Spot Of Information...........
  28. The New Mitsubishi Book by Buschur Racing...poll of sorts.
  29. My Buschur Racing GT35R daily driver results
  30. Buschur Racing Evo 3065 Turbo Kit Dyno Graph
  31. My new Buschur stroker 2.3
  32. how much???
  33. need a little help with my BR ported 10.5 hot side
  34. Got the full turbo back buschur racing exhaust but confused on something.
  35. Question for Buschur Camp?
  36. Bracket for air filter
  37. March Dyno observations of parts and 20G's..
  38. Backfiring alittle....
  39. So UPS was at my house today
  40. FMIC's stock vs rnr vs buschur
  41. So what's the skinny on the modified Walbro?
  42. New Buschur Racing V-Band 3" Turboback Exhaust
  43. Broke Boost control solenoid
  44. An article you al should really read
  45. Review of BR Race FMIC
  46. Buschur LICP/MBC discussion
  47. Faster Spool with MIVEC???
  48. APEXi Turbo Kits
  49. Manifold and O2 install
  50. Buschur Race FMIC lower IC question
  51. whine in 1st only?
  52. The tale of the 20G turbos.........
  53. stock turbo flow
  54. Exhaust Volume on IX vs VIII
  55. Can someone shed some light on my car issue?
  56. EBAY O2 housing changed boost settings BIG TIME
  57. Help tuning timing on my EVO
  58. Dave, Evo IX with AEM?
  59. ? about starter
  60. 20g-9 question...
  61. DP rattle
  62. Sales tool for the "kits"
  63. Dyno time again.
  64. Garrett 3067R
  65. EGR question
  66. forge mbc question
  67. Piston specs
  68. FMIC End Tank Entry
  69. cam ? related to power stages
  70. Evo 9 Cams???
  71. *APEXi N1 Damper EXV on Sale* @ BR
  72. Clutch on my evo 9
  73. Bullet muffler vs old BR muffler
  74. Ignition system sale pitch?
  75. 2nd Dyno day at BR
  76. New COP/CDI ignition
  77. Looking for 450 to 500whp, Need your help
  78. Exhaust silencer
  79. CEL question, O2 fix didn't work.
  80. GT35R feed line leak
  81. 400WHP on BR's Dyno on 93 gas can it happen?
  82. Flowmaster muffler
  83. Injen and GT35?
  84. IX turbo efficency
  85. Does a FMIC lean out afr?
  86. Fuel cut.
  87. New goodies and tune 315whp 330tq stock turbo
  88. Dynochart of BR20G-9-5 vs TD05HRA-16G6mC-10.5T
  89. Please Help, Walbro fuel pump Noise / BOV Flutter (Sputter)
  90. What's in between?
  91. Do I need bigger injectors?
  92. Boost questions?
  93. Evo Turbine shafts
  94. Stock Evo IX turbo worth it?
  95. New Times for the BR black car?
  96. Time Attack and black EVO and battery kits.....
  97. Reaching 800+HP on a 2006 MR impossible?
  98. 174mph Data Log - Do I need a new FMIC?
  99. spark plug gapping
  100. AEM EMS boost comp and "progressive" alcohol
  101. Lowering
  102. Buschur Racing tunes 3065 turbo kit.....on race gas
  103. Late Start on the Mods!
  104. New coil on plug setup...
  105. Best place to connect for a mech boost gauge
  106. Turbo Timer
  107. Developing of the (900whp) 4G63 VERSUS
  108. what should I do now.
  109. Highest Horsepowered Stock Turboed Evo.
  110. Best MBC Boost source
  111. Turbo put back together wrong, negative effects?
  112. 20 G On Evo Ix
  113. Catch can setup on Evo's...
  114. VIII to IX Exhaust Questions
  115. licp for IX?
  116. Revolver cams vs. JUN cams
  117. Twin disk to triple disk clutch conversion.
  118. Mounting Frustrations ... But Ready To Get Flamed!
  119. buschur forged pistons & rods?
  120. 06 Mr
  121. When will you be getting some 20g turbos?
  122. Advice with brake pad brands
  123. Incredible gains on the dyno....
  124. Question about a 35r turbo
  125. my new setup
  126. Questions about "Power Package"
  127. injecters for my 35r turbo kit
  128. What is the difference between these intake pipes?
  129. Upper Ic to throdle body pipe
  130. hks cams
  131. Jarrod or Dave... how about some AEM Serial guages!
  132. Big difference with fairly minor parts changes
  133. Shep tranny and LSD t-case installed
  134. Another cool dyno sheet comparison from Buschur Racing.
  135. Injector spewing gas
  136. The day from HELL!!!!!!!
  137. BR3065 installed
  138. Shaun, your car's done;) Here's your dyno sheets.....
  139. Evo IX turbo vs 6.5 TME?
  140. My car keeps dying on me??
  141. 4088r's
  142. Tuning question for DB
  143. how much boost?
  144. BR SS 02 housing, Works and Invidia, tested back to back..
  145. Revolvers and Idling
  146. questions about ur 35r turbo kit
  147. possible problem?
  148. Buschur Racing dyno brake rotors....
  149. BR SMC Alky injection
  150. Hey Dave! Turbin housing question.
  151. Br3065
  152. Fastest evo on pump gas?
  153. Upper ic pipe
  154. David or Jarrod need your input
  155. My new motor :-(
  156. more quiet tbe exhaust...
  157. Any drunk 20G (5blade) guys here?
  158. Need Help with COP/AEM ignition problem
  159. Revolvers in a stock head?
  160. Rear Undertray
  161. Apexi Noir Catback w/ Bushur HFC?
  162. David, Emergency help! SMC kit warrenty?
  163. 20g9-5 on my IX is what I wanna do, should I ?
  164. HKS DLI2 & Buschur COP
  165. Alignments and such
  166. Nick or Jarrod.....
  167. exedy twin problem!!
  168. help no boost
  169. Tail BOV on Stock ECU
  170. Race Front mount with Stock turbo?
  171. We raised the bar... New world record has been set!
  172. EVO heatshield for BR intake
  173. 4" Intake for 3065
  174. ACT clutch & gear lock in?
  175. what would u charge for an exedy twin disk??
  176. revolvers & 3076
  177. *very Important* New Members Please Read!
  178. FP3065 vs. BR GT3076R
  179. How to get standard piston?
  180. The power of the 3065 and Dynoflash!
  181. how does BR install head studs?
  182. *WANTED* Evo 8 or 9 OEM Exhaust Manifolds
  183. Evo Throttle Body Spacer
  184. Clearance after clutch install and SS o2 housing
  185. Intake manifold explosion!
  186. slave cylinder ??????????
  187. Need Help! Oil leaking somwhere.
  188. What should i do next?
  189. Positive Crankcase Ventilation
  190. Ported stock intake manifold vs Magnus SMIM.
  191. We're having a garage sale!
  192. Robi-spec and Sport compact car
  193. Help me decide what to do with the EVO
  194. Need help with tuning options.
  195. Aem Ems Help
  196. BR35r turbo kit
  197. Clutch fully disengaged?
  198. Air box vs open to engine bay cone filter....
  199. cam question???????????
  200. Quick question for '06+ owners
  201. aem boost controller solenoid question?
  202. Claiming 8* peak is bad to gain profit
  203. *** Stock FMIC to Race FMIC Piping Fitment ***
  204. Intake problem
  205. New/Used Buschur Racing V-Band TBE exhaust for cheap
  206. APEXI Turbo kits and Coilovers *ON SALE* @ Buschur Racing till Oct. 31, 2006
  207. Fuel system solution..........
  208. turbo cfm ?
  209. Volunteer for GT35R kit, must be ready......
  210. Boost Gauge Accuracy?
  211. rebuild turbo evo8
  212. More Flow per PSI with this
  213. i have a question David or Jarrod
  214. EVO maft problem
  215. Can not snatch 2nd or 4th gear "HELP"
  216. gearbox/transmission evo8
  217. New turbo, ready to release, 20G-LT.
  218. Buschur hits hard yet once again
  219. BR SS O2 Housing-- stock turbo + pump gas
  220. Buschur Strikes back!
  221. Help determining resell value of 20G-9-5
  222. EVO9 volunteer needed.....free work...
  223. question bout turbo upgrade for non turbo
  224. Exedy Std. Twin Disc Clutch 4 SALE
  225. 20g-9LT, FP3065, and the GT30R
  226. Buschur's new 50trim
  227. Boost Characteristics of 20G LT?
  228. My 20G-9-5 Progress (DLL Power graphs)
  229. 20gLT-EVO Green turbo results....
  230. Power FC & Commander
  231. Save yourself a fire or atleast a big mess....
  232. Christmas sale, 20GLT/EVO Greens
  233. stock cam specs
  234. 20G-LT vs BR 50 trim vs BR (fp) 3065
  235. buschur intercooler
  236. Dumping Meth/Xede. Can I get flashed with your turbo?
  237. Hey Dave, fuel capacity for E-85 idea....
  238. 2003 evo for sale
  239. Interesting find while installing BR shifter bushings
  240. spec's please
  241. Mods that wont void warranty on IX
  242. Intake with gt35r kit?
  243. act clutch
  244. Another Alcohol backfire!
  245. What your EVO needs for a fuel system, the facts.
  246. Buschur Stage II 1/2 Evo IX Dyno Sheet
  247. Another Sloy Boy Diaster
  248. Buschur Exhuasts are the best performing - period - read this study
  249. Evo 9 MR (6 Speed) Under-Hood Shifter Bushings
  250. stock cams