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  1. The wreck at Englishtown..
  2. 11th Annual DSM Shootout...
  3. New additions, new dyno
  4. New Building, New AWD Dyno, New Chassis set-ups.
  5. CHECK THIS OUT...AWD MD in and running at Buschur Racing.
  6. Buschur Racing Builds The Most Powerful 4g63's..period.
  7. Want to be sponsored by Buschur Racing?
  8. Putting customer service into perspective...
  9. New Turbo Magazine with BR features!
  10. Garbage Gasoline, Warning!!!!
  11. Made in the USA.....
  12. Buschur Racing makes it into a video game. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
  13. Race Track Insurance Coverage *Check it out*
  14. 2008-9, thoughts, ideas and a goal or two.
  15. Various E-mails I thought were worth keeping.
  16. New Buschur Racing Gear *instock!*
  17. Buschur Racing 2008 Year in Review.... *Video Compilation*
  18. BUSCHUR RACING EBAY STORE! Come on in and look around!
  19. HEL Performance Evo 8/9 & X Brake Line kits! *NOW AVAILABLE* at Buschur Racing!
  20. *SPECIAL* Buschur Racing Evo 8/9 Cast Manifold Turbo Kits & Hot Parts Kits!
  21. EFI Tuning Technologies Classes at Buschur Racing, Feb 20-21st, sign up!
  22. Buschur Racing engine completes SECOND 24 hour race.
  23. What happens when you mix an EVO and a '41 Willy's....
  24. Choosing the right Buschur Racing engine for your build.
  25. Buschur Racing powered Talon competes in it's 3rd 24 hour race.
  26. Notice to Buschur Racing dealers
  27. Buschur Racing's brand new Focus ST our newest platform!