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  1. evo running lean
  2. Jdm 4g63
  3. Variable geometry turbos?
  4. Dash Assembly Removal
  5. still shooting fluid out tcase..?
  6. Buschur Mini Battery Issues
  7. gauge cluster diagram
  8. Inline boost controller-varying PSI
  9. Sputter at high boost spike
  10. Injector recomendation
  11. Best Rods ???
  12. Correct Injectors
  13. fidanza Clutch?
  14. Fitment of the deluxe fmic
  15. LICP for the Race FMIC
  16. Rev Limit
  17. Lean studder at WOT
  18. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Gt37r help!
  20. Buschur DP 2.5"??
  21. Slip fit clamps - not sealing.
  22. Mechanical or Electronic Oil pressure gauge?
  23. Going from MR to Ralliart sportback...
  24. Fuel tank thump?
  25. Helppppppppppp
  26. Fuel pressure with double pumper
  27. Installing Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge in EVO IX....
  28. Apexi S1 vs N1 coilovers? What advantages does the S1 have over the N1?
  29. Mustang Dyno calibration
  30. Installing Buschur UCIP in Evo 9
  31. What is the whp limit of stock injectors on a mustang dyno w/pump 93?
  32. How-To: EGR Removal VIII/IX (and charcoal/EVAP canister)
  33. Megan Downpipe Install
  34. Buschur Racing Dual Fuel Feed Line Kit
  35. Lets talk ARP rod bolts and when they are needed?
  36. Clutch switch pin
  37. clutch/drivetrain help, cant get in gear..
  38. evo 8-9 iac and t-body interchange??
  39. pvc valve
  40. Drain Plug Question
  41. adjusting timing
  42. car wont crank
  43. 25mm or 27mm RSB? Help NEEDED
  44. Car shuts off by itself while im driving...
  45. won't boost?
  46. David and ANY other vendors of clutch suppliers please step in!
  47. what is the best throtle body size for my engine?
  48. "hanging RPMs" at speed...
  49. shifter cable adjustment/
  50. Installed Buschur Oil catch can, now some questions/problems??????
  51. Transmission Fluid Change.
  52. Boost Creep Issue
  53. HKS vs Exedy Twin disk
  54. Buschur ported intake manifold with stock tb?
  55. hks cams evo 1
  56. oil spurting from dipstick tube under boost
  57. Reliable power
  58. BR maf pipe question
  59. I need help! P 2263 Code
  60. Speed Density
  61. EVO IX wont start after cosworth 272 cam install..HELP!!
  62. Manifold/Hotside Turbo bolts??
  63. Something Is Wrong!!
  64. Fuel Pump Question.
  65. AN Boost lines
  66. Cold start idle problems
  67. I think transfer case just went :(
  68. ET Performance Krank Vents
  69. possible issue with buschur cdi cop install..
  70. Installing New FP Oil Line
  71. Thoughts on cylinder head retorquing
  72. Engine mounts?
  73. BR 272 Evo VIII cams
  74. VIII oil return line on IX turbo?
  75. Clutch Question
  76. Potential Head Problem EVO VIII
  77. Trans Install. Want to light myself on fire.
  78. Speaking of trans install, anyone have any tips for 5spd swap??
  79. I need some help guys
  80. Built bottom end now dipstick wont stay in?
  81. Need Help Diagnosing Issue
  82. aem ems /buschur cdi cop no spark help ..
  83. Spark blowout/700whp
  84. Power loss at high RPM
  85. Buschur racing stg 3 head- inlet & exhaust valve stem seals yes or no?
  86. cothworth 272 cams not sitting right....
  87. Battery Re-Location question for the electrical equipped
  88. What size meth nozzle?
  89. Question about BR 2.1L STG 3 block: Rod choices????
  90. Comp Turbo..
  91. how to install br o2 housing
  92. Dyno Question
  93. Oil pressure dip after WOT run
  94. next upgrade?
  95. 1.3U cable connected causes car to die
  96. has anyone installed russle ss brake lines on an evo 8?
  97. Coolant issue
  98. coolant temp sensor leaking
  99. Good gap for spark plugs?
  100. Please disprove my Theory on an Endlink ...(warning boring static physics inside)
  101. Way to tell if a evo has had a timing job done on it?
  102. Do cylinder heads warp?
  103. SRS light
  104. Evo freaked out when I connected tatrix cable
  105. Working on her for three weeks still wont start?
  106. EVO X Brakes on a EVO IX
  107. Huge power loss with restrictive intercoolers?
  108. what to do
  109. Clutch noises
  110. 06 MR 6 speed help
  111. Experts, Gurus, Witch Doctors, etc. - Need Advice - STUMPED
  112. injectors advise
  113. Car wont start :(
  114. Battery/Alternator Issue?
  115. P0507 on a high hp VIII
  116. replacing alternator
  117. Insight on girodisc TI heat shields, YES or NO?
  118. ACD and AYC remove
  119. Front sway bar swap
  120. What timing light to use on the Evo
  121. Can someone confirm what there Voltage is at the injector clip...
  122. how much cooling do i need?
  123. Couple questions about eve ix
  124. Drag radial tires
  125. stock injector capabilities on ethanol?
  126. compression question
  127. ID Fuel injectors all broken, need your input.
  128. boost issue
  129. 32psi on Stock long block -- looking for people who do it
  130. P0121 After TB install
  131. Aluminum rod cap cracking?
  132. Issues with Tial 44mm Mvr
  133. evo 8 electrical problem
  134. evo 8 harness question...pictures inside
  135. Built engine won't start
  136. question with injector plug wire coloring...
  137. compression question
  138. timing different for a 2.3 vs 2.0?
  139. electrical advice for a dummy
  140. evo tps wiring diagram pls help
  141. Major spike issue. Please help
  142. question about evo 9 starter... please read
  143. Rebuild for FPHTA3582R?
  144. Need some help/few questions
  145. Clunck noise when turning
  146. wasnt really sure where to post this
  147. service engine soon
  148. speed density parts help
  149. P0340 Cam Sensor Code Help
  150. oil press sensor?
  151. problem with a 2.4 in evo
  152. Passing emissions with AEM in Nevada
  153. dip stick keeps popping out
  154. Just bought this 8 from someone who comes here all the time
  155. Car running very lean at WOT.
  156. idling problem
  157. buschur 3065 kit fitment with stock radiator
  158. attn buschur fabbed IM owners!!!
  159. What valve seals in BR stage 3 head?
  160. Steady throttle misfire
  161. My evo is uneven from driver side to passenger side!
  162. Rev Limit
  163. Boost Leak through Valve Cover
  164. High compression question.
  165. Evo 8 buschur 2.4 timing help